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This is the scenario that you run Windows as your host operating system and Ubuntu in a VirtualBox, and that you want to access a specific Windows folder from Ubuntu. First you have to make sure that have install Guest Additions. As root run the program VBoxLinuxAdditions. When the program completes reboot your VirtualBox. With Guest Additions installed you may now go ahead and define the shared folder s. In this dialog you can specify which folder from your Windows system you want to share with your Ubuntu.

VirtualBox: access Windows-host shared folders from Ubuntu-guest

You will have to specify a Folder Name for each folder you add. Make sure you memorize that name because you will need it very soon. When done with you shared folder s specification, you may now go ahead and actually mount these folders from Ubuntu. First you have to create a mounpoint , that is, a directory in your Ubuntu which will reflect the shared folder from Windows:. Of course you may choose an alternative path for your mountpoint.

With your mountpoint created you can now mount the shared folder, like this:. Where folder-name will be the name you assigned for this folder when you were adding it in the shared folders list. I would add that the shared folder may need to be in the following directory: Great tip, thanks for sharing this! It now connects to the shared folder automatically on startup, as the blog owner stated. Once I fixed that, the error went away. I have a question… Is it possible to unmount the shared folder??? Anyone having problems might be helped be this link: I tried running the script by double clicking on it and it did not work permission problem, probably.

That was causing the same error for me. The only suggestion as a Linux newbie is that a detailed explanation of the sybtax would be great to get a complete understanding.

Mount VirtualBox shared folder on Ubuntu or Linux guest

It worked exactly as the article published. Helps me playing with my Linux toy. Just as an alternative — you can configure your guest network adapter as bridged. This will allow the guest to get an address on the same subnet as your host from the DHCP server. From there, you can use WinSCP to copy files back from a linux installation that has SSH set up on it. I tried to sudo chmod, sudo chown. In the virtual box I did set it to mount permanently, but did not check off readonly.

Ubuntu virtualbox shared

I can write as root, but just not as the regular user. I never found a way to reliably accesss them under VirtualBox. Why in the world does this require us to use the command line? Make it show up as a virtual thumb drive or something.

Ubuntu virtualbox shared

VirtualBox configuration is confusing. You were clear and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for posting this, it worked like a charm. Will link this later when I write it down on my blog. I was looking for it for a while now. Thank you, I have checked other tutorials and they were not successful but this one worked a charm.

Ok this is great n all but… when I try to mount I get user user-desktop: Ive been working to solve this issue for 6 days now! I have the folder shared etc and it still wont mount, been to hundereds of sites without any success and even tried to get a product to mount the virtual disk so I can just extract my fracking data…you know if all you linux people want others to use linux instead of windows…MAKE IT FRACKING SIMPLER and GUI FRIENDLY!!

So tired of this l33t speak shit makes me want to puke JUST TELL WHAT THE FRACKING SOLUTION IS and GET IT OVER WITH! Noobulon, I had the exact same problem. It works but in my case I need to run through the whole process including installation… I am newbie… any clues? Thank you for precisely showing how to do this. I am confused on how to make changes to rc. Also, another user recommended modifying fstab instead of rc. Thanks for your excellent article. It only took me two days to do this. So many people have posted replies I thought I should try to remember what worked for me.

First I got errors when installing the VB Additions I copied the error into Google and found this VB forum post http: After doing that VB Additions installed correctly. I created a shared folder in windows C: I used Dolphin to create the linux folder. Also, the win and linux folder names must be different.

Took me a great deal of time to get this solved. I found a webpost with the easiest solution to sharing folders between Host OS Win7 and Guest OS Ubuntu I found this when trying to set up share folder s between BackTrack guest OS with XP Prof host. Hope this also saves your time too! Hi HItman, I tried to do the same u mentioend regarding adding the command to etc by gedit, but I have run into problems.

Ubuntu virtualbox shared

How can I solve this problem and revert back to see my home folder. The Unbuntu and VirtualBox sites were unclear in their instructions, and had bad examples. You laid it out simply and it worked the first time! I have been searching on the web and have found many instructions but never explained in a maner I could understand or apply.

Really helpful for a newbie that just started using virtualbox and ubuntu. Please allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Now for the issue I had and solved. Note the host is OSx so this might be a Unix permissions issue, Windows users may have it easier? As a solution to the Permission Denied error: The above plus the host machine permissions combined allowed me to write to the folders from both my OSx machine and the Unbutu virtual box. Anyone with tips on how I could do without using the public folder on OSx please comment!

For Mac OS user see thread http: I spent almost 3 hours trying to share a folder until i found this site. Fully Agreed with the points here, and it shows a great deal of correct sense. Thanks for the wonderful flow of information. Loads of thanks for posting this!! Very useful and saved a lot of time!! I was just banging my head around for sharing folders…. Terminal is where you will be entering your commands for Ubuntu. Then followed the directions and everything else worked flawless. I have been struggling for a week now. Finally I have found something which helped me.

At last I got a website from where I know how to really get valuable information concerning my study and knowledge. I am rnnuing Linux Mint 9 Isadora as guest in VirtualBox on a Windows 7 host, been rnnuing it for a few weeks now and almost all the Compiz effects run smoothly, except for the cube. I can spin it, but it more than often tends to have a life of its own, jumping, spinning and bouncing like crazy making me lose control of it.

This never happened to me when I ran Linux in dualboot with Windsows before. I wanted to run Linux in VirtualBox so that I could have either OS available to me at all times without the need of rebooting. I have a question, i already mounted the windows partition on Ubuntu but I can not write on it. Even when i dont have the check of just read. Just what I need for my little script factory which runs on a small guest system but creates to much output to be stored. So I can move it to windows and handle it from their. Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: First you have to create a mounpoint , that is, a directory in your Ubuntu which will reflect the shared folder from Windows: With your mountpoint created you can now mount the shared folder, like this: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. You need to install virtualbox guest additions sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso.

Qn There are several VBoxLinuxAdditions sth. How do I know which one I should choose? By default this script does nothing. After I set up the folders I keep getting this: Protocol error Can anyone help me out with this? You really helped me with the shared folders in virtualbox. You saved me many hours of going throuhg the docs. Also, thanks donnie for the tips. Now, to figure how to make the windows-share as a desktop shortcut…. Thanks … It really helped me to mount a windows shared box on Ubuntu. I think you people who read and help on these things are Sooooo Coooool.

You freakin rock… I too had to run the installation via command line though. Thanks for posting — this issue seems to cause a lot of confusion. However, I do think the posters who wish to see how to mount the drive in the Ubuntu GUI. Simple to understand and easy to follow..

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