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IPush D2 DLNA|Air Play — 22.99$+SG|HK

The device comes with an HDMI cable and a micro USB cable used to connect the device to your TV HDMI and USB ports, or if your TV lacks USB, a USB power adapter. Some resellers tell you to install iPush APK on your smartphone or tablet in order to use the device. This device competes directly in terms of features and price with the upcoming Rockchip RK Miracast adapter.

If so, would I need to install additional software on the iPad? For an iPad, you have to make sure Airplay is supported. Well, after it delivers i will write my impressions about it. It is not clear from the article, in this version http: I figured out that you can access the device through the IP address You can change the language to English and there is a firmware upgrade screen. The question is, from where can you get new firmware?

You can try to check markings on the PCB to find the manufacturer. It was cheap enough and you always take a risk when you buy this direct-from-China stuff. Sometime you luck out and sometimes you get something that is junk or does not do what is advertised. Thiago Well, after one day of using i got some impressions:. The only way i made it works was through IMedia Share. It works fine with sd mivies but it lacks a lot with hd movies. It works very well with music, with beautiful screen. Its performance is better with imedia share, too because you have youtube and other sources to play online content.

I will sell it and buy an Android dongle because its what i need. They said that the product was misrepresented to them. Works great with airplay showing pictures and videos after connecting the iOS device directly to the ipush wifi-network. Mine does not have airplay or even miracast. Bought it here advertised as ipush d2: Any ideas if it could be updated somehow or did i get screwed as it right now only supports dlna and is not usable with my ipad?

Did anyone find a URL for possible firmware updates — I have been looking everywhere and found nothing? For console access, somebody would have to provide PCB pictures, so that we can look at it. I would love an app for Win RT but I guess that I can forget that? Since Miracast should be integrated with win 8. So, you need to make sure you get that rather than the Personally I tried this item sku. You can use app which supports DLNA on you iOS device. Hope this will help and wish you a nice day.

AFAIK Chromecast is only available in the US for now , where this one is available worldwide. The biggest problem for iPush is not the Chromecast, but the fact that it may not work that well. First off, I bought one off eBay, mine came with firmware v1. If anyone has a newer version, please let us know by posting the version number. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, this device does not work on BOTH of my older Panasonic TVs. Does anyone else have this problem, if you do please post. Can anyone help me find a way to contact them? It does not work with my Panasonic TV P50VT25 , though it does work through some others.

This makes it problematic for travelers. Miracast does not work, DLNA does. AirPlay works for audio, mirroring does not. AirPlay Video depends on the app. Build quality is not great, but acceptable, and there is no way to tell from the unit or packaging which sku you have. The device also really ought to be able to check for firmware updates.

Dealing with the chinese is a factor both configuring the device for English and dealing with the developer website.

Ipush прошивка

If the HDMI connectivity issues can be fixed in firmware, then it is a reasonable device for the price. Airplay mirroring and miracast would of course make it very appealing. Stephen Same here, streaming from ipad, found youtube worked over airplay as well as some web-based videos on places like cnn. HBOGo gave a network error on the ipush when attempted over airplay. I plan to buy this kind of product. Please share your opinion with me. Let me expalin what I plan to use this stuff. I do not need any native internet streaming and browsing capability, not even to mirror the screen but that would have been useful.

I just would like to obviate the necessity of the HDMI cable, when I am playing movies from my notebook. My TV is on the opposite corner of the room and I always have to move the laptop right front of the TV it is not an option to use a long enough HDMI cable. That would be also more than welcome if we can connect any notebook in the house to one single device as the ocassion demands. Could you please share me a link to a video if there is any where I can see this stuff in action between a notebook — TV or could someone be so kind to do such a video and upload? I am open to other cheap solutions.

I do not want to use an HDMI android mini PC… I need a simple solution what could provide only what I want, which is an HDMI cable killer. But as one commenter explained there seems to be 2 versions, so this complicates things. Could you please tell me where you bought yours? Since some users dont have airplay support and yours is. I ordered 3 of these devices and shipped back the first 2 because I thought they were broken, when I received the third device it did not work either, I could connect to the WiFi on the iPush but never got anything to display.

It is a neat device but completely useless if you own a Panasonic TV. I think you may have misunderstood my comment. Yes, my dongle has airplay but it does not mirror fully which is what I think most people would want from this device i. This dongle will allow you to push music through it their is a slight delay when transmitting and it sends images e. It does not support video for example from Youtube or videos taken by the onboard camera. I purchased another similar dongle called an S-Push but I think it is fair to say, it is the same unit in a slightly different casing.

I have spoken to the manufacturer and they claim it does do true Airplay mirroring i. I just got my IPUSH D2 in the mail. Not sure how long it has been on the shelf etc, but it seems as if this is still the latest version shipped.

If anyone finds out where to get an update please enlight me! Jens is this a firmware update for ipush? I have been experimenting with one of these for a while. With iOS7 iPhone5 it erratically switches to saying the iPush can only support audio speaker icon instead of monitor. This would suggest iOS7 is to blame for this aspect. Trying to push other streamers…. Good Player, VLC etc just responded in audio. I think I may have to look for a streaming app which is compatible with the iPush and an iPhone7. I connected to the device with wifi and uploaded the upg file via the update tab of the control admin area.

The device then disconnects and I cannot re-connect to it via any method. The unit lights up but nothing else. When I connect it to a TV, all I get is a picture of the earth in the middle of the screen. Grinnders I suffer the same issues with iOS 7. Hope for a firmware update within short. Do you guys know if there is an offical webpage for this product? Jens I just download and upgrade the firmware from the link below.

It can be upgraded but the password no longer It carried with firmware version 1. AirPlay video streaming worked fine from my iPad under IOS 7, also streaming from my LaCie network drive. Today I upgraded the firmware with the link I found here and now Airplay is broken, and audio is distorted. Does anybody know where I can find the old firmware version to downgrade the device? Others seem to have had login problems after upgrading. Jens, where did you get this firmware from?

I upgraded the firmware of my iPush and now Airplay no longer works and audio is distorted. I would like to downgrade to firmware version 1. Can someone please upload a new one? Lance I updated my device from firmware 1. Jens where did you get this firmware from? I upgraded the firmware of my iPush and now the audio is distorted. Does anybody know where to find it? Had this working with Air-play together with iOs 6.

Still works with Direct Connect via Air-play. Also lost ability to stream Picture. Probably new firmware needed, but where to prompt for updates? I just got one of the little things home today. And I can not get it to connect to my wifi. The IP adress that it says to type in to my browser does not work. Try to connect directly to the iPush with that through wifi, the name and password should be shown on the tv screen if the dongle is connected and powered on. A settings page should load in your browser. Here you can choose your home wifi network that you want the iPush to connected to.

First thing that confused me perhaps I should read the instructions better in future is that you connect a mouse to to access the configuration settings whilst the dongle is connected to a TV via the HDMI connector. After resetting a few buttons on the dongle, it sprung into action. The good thing was that their is an update menu on the configuration screen, which connects with a server and searches for updates. On doing this, I found an update was needed for it to work with iOS7. After the update, it still does not work. I have received my REKO q10 dongle.

Miracast ipush прошивка

Connected to my BRAVIA TV KLVWRA. U can access the setting menu using wired or wireless mouse. I have successfully airplay ipad3 6. BUT THE SAD THING is it does not seem supporting full airplay mirroring. It able to show the ipad screen to TV, but swiping between page is sooo laggy, almost sec delay, then the connection ended by itself. TV just showing blank black screen with mouse cursor.

You may want to share your trial and findings as well. Bought an iPush D2 and have it plugged into my Samsung TV. It said it fixed a bug with airplay accessibility in iOS7 which was exactly my problem! After the update, I finally got it to work. It also crashes whenever it feels the need. The videos on Youtube make out that the mirroring is very quick — not 2 to 3 seconds behind… disappointing!

RK292x + RT3188 based miracast HDMI stick firmware

I have a couple of older iPod Touches that are running iOS6 — these do not work at all with the dongle. Stranger still, I can only get it work if I connect the dongle to my home network and then connect my phone to the same home network. I am actually give up when get to know your same disappointment of this dongle performance. Strangely, those all i-thing with 6. Nothing is happening on airplay. Purchased one of these from eBay.

However Reko Q10 had to be 2 feet away from my wireless router. After updating idongle from v 1. I would really love to role back the update or reflash if possible? I have one home network with 2 heads to log in through. The other is apple AirPort Extreme.

When I have the ipush connect to the apple router I can not use dlna from arkMc app. When I connect it to TP Link router ArcMC dlna works for audio and video. MP4 itunes music vids work, but itunes movies do not. I am I have one home network with 2 heads to log in through. I am using a seagate central as the dlna server with iphone 5 with arcmc purchased app. Audio, airplay, wifi configuration, etc Please help me, someone have this firmware version??

Ipush прошивка

See attached a zip file with the last three firmwares for iPush D2 that I founded http: Antonio I have a Samsung and Panasonic TV, both working. Any further information you could provide? Is there a blue light coming from your iPush once plugged in? Eric Try to conect directly, in any browser, to the IP address of dongle, usually Connect your iphone mac or pc to the private wifi created by the dongle previously, of course good luck! I am not a tech guy, just bought this Ipush thing, Can someone explain to me in dummy terms how can I get this Ipush thing to connect to my HP laptop and my Iphone 4gs?

The App does not recognize my devices. It recognizes my HTC but not the others? Adam Toon Adam Toon have you solved the problem after upgrade your Ipush D2? When I connect it to a TV, all I get is a picture of the earth in the middle of the screen Thank you! FABRIZIO MARIOTTI I have the same problem… The wifi disconnect during the upgrade… And I have just a picture of the earth in the middle of the screen….

Hi, will be iPush stick connected to my home WiFi router visible on the phones and tablets on the same WiFi network as a DLNA device? You can also subscribe without commenting. CNXSoft — Embedded Systems News News, Tutorials, Reviews, and How-Tos related to Embedded Linux and Android, Arduino, ESP, Development Boards, TV Boxes, Mini PCs, etc.. MX How-tos Raspberry Pi How-tos Rockchip How-tos Contact Us. Comments Trackbacks 9 Leave a comment Trackback.

More information about iPush dongle here: What is the procedure to upgrade the firmware assuming it can be upgraded? I am pretty disappointed that this does not do Miracast. Do you know where to look to for updated firmware? The only PCB marking that seems to mean anything says: Thiago Well, after one day of using i got some impressions: CnEn Any ideas if it could be updated somehow or did i get screwed as it right now only supports dlna and is not usable with my ipad?

Is it possible to login from the linux console to this stick, or is this android on board? Maybe that this stick will support native linux decoding. How would one update the Firmware, do you think there is hope they will deliver miracast later? I just picked one up off of Amazon — running 1. Dear Gents, I plan to buy this kind of product.

Yes, I am using IOS7 iPhone 5 e iPad Mini and it is working perfectly. Seems like there is another dongle that claims to work with airplay mirroring: Instructions to upgrade firmware are at the bottom of the page here: Josephine do you have a laptop ore a pc that has a wifi connection?

The dongle appears to be using some kind of Android operating system — not sure what. Any clues, comments, help, or URLs etc. Try to update online, but it is said I have already got the latest version. Have contacted ebay seller to confirm this issue. Same here updated, and the possibility to mirror ios screens does not work. Miracast Dongle — Seite 14 — Android-Hilfe. Miracast-Compatible Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes.

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