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ASUS Member ID Password Forgot password? WIN 7 P8P67 PRO Intel I7 k GB OCZ SSD OS 1TB Samsung Raid0 1TB Storage Drive 8GB DDR Asus GTX W Corsair PSU Water Cooled CPU. Recommended Power Supply Wattage Calculator. Guideline for solving PC startup problem. Forum Select Forum Audio Cards Graphic Card LCD Monitors Mobile Phone Motherboard Multimedia Wireless All. For example I fixed the stereo 5. Lets keep this thread at the top!: I also uploaded them to a file hosting service filebox. Awesome drivers, luckily someone out there has the capability and motivation to make a new driver Currently awaiting the new X-Meridian by Auzen, but untill that time, thanks a billion for your work!

Awesome,really awesome this driver.

Uni xonar drivers

Help me to fixed all my problems with the D2X and recording. No latency trust me ,no dropouts.

Uni xonar drivers

Asus Its a shame that a unknown person make a thousand time better job then your workers. Sorry to report that this driver caused my CPU to fail stress tests. Long story short, this driver worked for me, but this was a new build and I was trying to stress my system with OCCT and AMD overdrive.

Both of which would fail my CPU. I swapped CPUs and it still failed. Swapped memory and it still failed. Swapped PSUs and it still failed.

Uni xonar drivers

Then I remembered I tried this "custom" driver. So I disabled the sound card in my device manager and BAM. Now both of those programs do NOT report any CPU errors. Just thought I would let you know. Hope you can answer some questions.

Which version of the driver you used, normal or low DPC latency ones, and did you apply the asio 1. One more thing can you test with asus last official driver? Are you saying that your sound system which is 5. Feedback for our Website Moderator: New Topic Related FAQ Forum Home. Forum Select Forum Audio Cards Graphic Card LCD Monitors Mobile Phone Motherboard Multimedia Wireless Model:

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