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OBD-II Bluetooth, WiFi, Kiwi 3 BLE , Vinli and GPS-only mode if you have no adapter Updated logbook: Reads real-time and stored diagnostics parameters from ECU of OBD-II compliant cars. Requires ELM or compatible Bluetooth OBD-II Adapter. There are multiple reports on connection issues up to ECU malfunctioning when using adapters with MAC addresses: Other chip adapters marked with ELM v2.

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Please contact us by mail to report troubles with adapters, would be nice to have the following info: Avoid simultaneous running of multiple OBD reading applications, be sure that other applications are not keeping live OBD connection. You could help to improve the project by sending OBD2 details info related to your car. Fill in the car details with configuration screen and click send button in "General information" section.

Il y a aussi la France en Europe. Avis des utilisateurs Andre Poliquin 14 juillet Fonctionne parfaitement avec mon ELM Avis complet.

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Paulo Cesar Lopes Silva 4 mai Pas mal pour cette version gratuite. Impeccable Fonctionne impeccable , que ce soit sur tablette ou mobile.

Se connecte facilement en wifi Il semble que tous les diagnostics ne remontent pas Avis complet. Cool Fonctionne mieux que certaines applis payantes! Nice app Nice app, fast, easy to use, lot of option Super Avec elm marche super bien. Ils ont changer impossible de se conecter domage Avis complet. Bien mieux que les applis payants. EOBD Facile - Diagnostic Auto OBD2 ELM Outils OBD Facile.

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Ordinateur de bord Olivia Drive OBD2 - ELM Vasilenok Pavel. OBD Car Doctor Pro Mobile Developed 1. Check Engine -На русском языке Vizorg Apps. BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool Lemur Vehicle Monitors. OBDmax Cyprus Car Solutions Ltd. Torque Dashboard Plugin Ian Hawkins. Car Diagnostics Pro VAG OBD2 Voltas IT. Vous ne trouvez pas votre prise OBD? Cherchez la avec notre appli gratuite! Ceci est une application pour moteur de voiture de diagnostic. OBD2 Pro Check Engine Car DTC Trent Applications.

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DTC Fault Memory erase for VAG openprog. Street Racing Speedometer PNN Soft. Creative Puzzle de Creative Kids jeu.

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